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Webcam Bozi Dar - Krusne hory

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Bozi Dar - Krusne hory

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Follow the weather and snow conditions at Boží Dar in the Ore Mountains with an ONLINE webcam. Online shot of a webcam placed on a lookout tower Boží vyhlídka. Boží Dar - Krušné hory.

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     Are you going to go to area Boží Dar? Such you are correctly with us :-). On the map, you will find webcams from the area Boží Dar and its surroundings. Thanks to online footage from the webcams of the area Boží Dar and its surroundings, you can set off at the right time and in sunny weather.

    You are planning a holiday, a trip or a business trip in the next days and you are not sure what the weather will be like? Check out the weather forecast at www.yr.no - Czech Republic - Boží Dar and you will immediately know if to wait a few more days. :-)

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     The town of Boží Dar is located in the Ore Mountains in the west of the Czech Republic on the border with Germany. It lies at an altitude of about 1020 meters and is the highest city in the Czech Republic. It is located in the Karlovy Vary region about twenty kilometers from Karlovy Vary. Boží Dar includes parts of Ryžovna and Zlatý Kopec. The founding of Boží Dar is closely related to the mining of silver and tin.
     Boží Dar is an important summer and winter tourist center of the Ore Mountains with the highest mountain Klínovec. Tourists can use several ski slopes (SKIAREÁL KLÍNOVEC), tens of kilometers of cross-country trails and in summer various challenging trails for cyclists and hikers. Exploring the surroundings of Boží Dar are attracted by nature trails, several museums and monuments.
     Jesus' journey on the Boží Dar is also well known. It is a fun journey full of tasks for small and larger children. On its route, they perform various tasks, which they write down in a notebook, which they can purchase in advance at the Boží Dar Infocentre. The journey can be completed all year round, on foot or by bike and in winter also on cross-country skis. Children with families can choose whether to complete the entire circuit, which measures 12.9 km or shortened by a length of 5.6 km.
     Are you planning to go to Boží Dar in the Ore Mountains? Check out webcams from Boží Dar and the surrounding area with us. Do not rely only on the weather forecast, check with us the current status on the spot. Watch current footage from cameras from the Ore Mountains and you will immediately know what the weather is like. On the map, you will find webcams from the city of Boží Dar and its surroundings.
     Watch the webcams and nothing will surprise you. Do you know about other cameras from the Boží Dar locality? Let us know. Add it to us by clicking on the link - add a webcam. To return to webcams from other municipalities and cities, select the Czech Republic link in the top menu.

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