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88 webcams surroundings the camera Lookout tower Svatobor

      Do you plan to go to the area Sušice or its surroundings? Thanks to cameras and their online shots of the area Sušice , you can make your plans at the right time and in sunny weather.

     Are you hesitant if today is the right day or you wait a few more days? Watch the cameras and take a look at the weather forecast at www.yr.no - Czech Republic - Sušice and you will immediately know if to wait a few more days. :-)

     The map shows webcams from the area Sušice. Zoom out to see other webcams in the area. Click on the "bubble" to get information about the webcam with the option to click on the detail.

Listing of webcams surroundings the camera Lookout tower Svatobor

Preview webcam image Sušice - square

Webcam Sušice - square

Watch the webcam online for current events and weather conditions in Sušice. Web camera in the town Susice with a view on the square. The town of Sušice, which stretches on both banks of the Otava River, is often referred to as the "Gate of Šumava"…

Preview webcam image Dlouhá Ves

Webcam Dlouhá Ves

Take a webcam ONLINE on the village Dlouhá Ves and surroundings. Watch current events and weather with a camera.

Preview webcam image Kašperské Hory - Amálino valley

Webcam Kašperské Hory - Amálino valley

Take a look at the current weather conditions in the Kašperské Mountains region with the ONLINE webcam. Webcam from Kašperek with a view of the Amálina valley from the Grantl pension in the Kašperské mountains

Preview webcam image Vlkonice

Webcam Vlkonice

Watch the weather with webcam online in Vlkonice and the surrounding area. View of the camera to the NW, including data from the CHMI weather station.

Preview webcam image Žichovic

Webcam Žichovic

Pohled na kamenný most v Žichovicích, v zimním období na zámek Žichovice

Preview webcam image Rejštejn

Webcam Rejštejn

Webkamera z obce Rejštejn.

Preview webcam image Kašperské hory - square

Webcam Kašperské hory - square

Look at the webcam online for the city of Kasperske Hory. Watch current events and weather with a camera. Webcam overlooking the square with the church of St. Markéta from the roof of BW Aparthotel Šumava2000.

Preview webcam image Kašperské hory

Webcam Kašperské hory

Take a webcam ONLINE on the city of Kašperské Hory. Web camera with a view of the Kašperské Mountains in the Bohemian Forest.

     Map with webcams in South Bohemia - Czech Republic. On the map you will find online cameras with information such as weather, traffic, individual views of cities and landscape ...


     The Czech Republic was established on January 1, 1993 by the division of Czechoslovakia. The official name of the state according to the constitution is the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic is a democratic state located in the middle of Europe and is therefore a landlocked state and at the same time a state of the EUROPEAN UNION. It borders Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Germany.
     The Czech Republic has about 10.5 million inhabitants, of which Prague alone has about 1.3 million inhabitants. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and at the same time the political, administrative, economic and cultural center of the state. The most famous historical monuments in Prague are Charles Bridge, the National Theater, Prague Castle and Charles University. Other large cities in the Czech Republic are Brno - here are the most important monuments of Špilberk Castle, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, Masaryk University and then the cities of Ostrava and Pilsen.
     Do you love wild and untouched nature? Even in the Czech Republic, such places can be found. Staying in undisturbed nature offers you many beautiful locations in the Czech Republic. Tourists can spent holiday a diverse natural environment or they can visit many historic towns, villages with beautiful folk architecture, old castles and churches. The most popular castles (outside Prague Castle) include Český Krumlov, Lednice and Hluboká. Here are some tips for where to go on holiday or on a trip around the Czech Republic: You can see in Bohemia an impenetrable forest in Šumava, the Giant Mountains with the highest mountain Sněžka (1602 m), Ore Mountains, Jeseníky and Beskydy. Climbers can visit popular Prachovské rocks or Bohemian Switzerland with rock towns and interesting rock formations as well as many karst areas with numerous caves. The South Bohemian landscape with many ponds or the South Moravian area known for growing wines, which can be tasted in many wine cellars, is also popular with tourists.
     There are well-known spas and mineral springs in the Czech Republic, the most famous of which are West Bohemian Karlovy Vary and Mariánské and Františkovy Lázně. A very attractive destination for tourists are also the Zoo in Zlín, Safari Park in Dvůr Králové or AquaPalace Prague and Aqualand Moravia. The capital city of Prague with its unique complex of historic buildings, museums is the most attractive destination for most tourists throughout the year. Prague Castle, the cable car to Petřín and the Prague Zoo are among the three most visited places in the Czech Republic. The Petřín lookout tower also reached the top ten most visited places. In Prague is also the most visited museum, it is the National Museum.
     The Czech Republic offers another long list of remarkable listed towns and villages. Some of them are inscribed on the UNESCO list of cultural and natural heritage, there are a total of 11. They are: the historic center of the capital of Prague, Český Krumlov, Telč, Kutná Hora, the Church of St. Jan Nepomucký on Zelená hora near Žďár, the Lednice-Valtice area, the area of ​​the Archbishop's chateau and Podzámecká garden in Kroměříž, the South Bohemian village of Holašovice, the Plague Column of the Holy Trinity in Olomouc and the Tugendhat villa in Brno.

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