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Velký Javor

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Take a look at the current weather conditions on the highest mountain of the Šumava - Velký Javor webcam online. The webcam is located in the Velký Javor - Großer Arber ski area with a view to the Šumava Mountains.

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     Are you going to go to area Železná Ruda? Such you are correctly with us :-). On the map, you will find webcams from the area Železná Ruda and its surroundings. Thanks to online footage from the webcams of the area Železná Ruda and its surroundings, you can set off at the right time and in sunny weather.

    You are planning a holiday, a trip or a business trip in the next days and you are not sure what the weather will be like? Check out the weather forecast at www.yr.no - Czech Republic - Železná Ruda and you will immediately know if to wait a few more days. :-)

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     The mountain Šumava town of Železná Ruda is located in the Plzeň Region on the Czech-German border. Approximately 1,600 people live here. The town located on the border of the Šumava National Park is one of the Šumava sports and tourist centers of tourism. The dominant feature of the village is the Church with a floor plan in the shape of a six-pointed star.
     In addition to natural beauty and sports facilities, you can visit the museum of puppets and historic motorcycles, a restored brewery, go-karts or a rope center. Today, a branch of the Šumava Museum is housed in the local villa of the well-known Abel glass family. The exhibitions are devoted to traditional crafts led by hardware, carpentry and glassmaking.
     Sports activities in the vicinity of Železná Ruda are offered by groomed ski trails, in summer by a bike park and a large number of cycle paths. Nearby are the magical Šumava glacial lakes, Černé and Čertovo and other natural attractions.
     Are you planning to go to Šumava to Železná Ruda? Check out webcams from Železná Ruda and the surrounding area with us. Do not rely only on the weather forecast, check with us the current status on the spot. Watch the current footage from the cameras from Železná Ruda and you will immediately know what the weather is like. On the map, you will find webcams from the town of Železná Ruda and its surroundings.
     Watch the webcams and nothing will surprise you. Do you know about other cameras from the locality of Šumava? Let us know. Add it to us by clicking on the link - add a webcam. To return to webcams from other municipalities and cities, select the Czech Republic link in the top menu.

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