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WebCam images are not archived in any way. These are only static previews or online image transfer without creating and storing a permanent record. The site operator is not the owner of the webcams displayed on the webpage Earthwebcamlive.com.

- The inserted entry is displayed only after approval by the site operator.

- The site operator www.earthwebcamlive.com reserves the right to edit, delete, disapprove the record without notice.

- The submitter is responsible for ensuring that the information provided is true.

- The submitter has the right to request that his record be deleted. This request will be made by email.

- The inserted record and the linked page must not contradict the applicable law and generally accepted moral values.

- The operator of www.earthwebcamlive.com is not responsible for any damages or lost profits related to the placement of the record on www.earthwebcamlive.com.

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 These terms and conditions are valid from 1.3.2019

04. 03. 2020 | Michal k
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