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     Tunisia, the full name of the Republic of Tunisia, is located in North Africa. It is a coastal state - it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea from the northeast and north. It borders Algeria and Libya. The official language is Arabic, the most commonly used European language is French, but in tourist resorts you can also communicate in English, German or Italian. The currency is the Tunisian dinar, there are a lot of monuments and accommodation here is relatively cheap.

     The capital is Tunis. What is definitely worth a visit is Medina - the old city of the Arabs and one of the best-preserved Islamic medieval cities. In the center is a large mosque, which today houses the Muslim University. Furthermore, in Tunis there is the Bardo Museum with the monuments of the ancient city of Carthage, the National Museum built on the ruins of the Baths of Antonius, and not far from the city there is a very popular tourist attraction, namely the remains of the city of Carthage.

     The most attractive for tourists are definitely the sandy beaches and the warm sea with a gradual and safe entry into the water. In Tunisia, beaches are divided into 3 types - urban (city), hotel and deserted. If you are a lover of fun, you will definitely appreciate city beaches, if you prefer more private swimming, beaches equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, hotel staff who bring you drinks practically to your deckchair, then that is a hotel beach that meets these requirements. Although the deserted beach is without sunbeds and cleaning, no one disturbs you and you can relax in peace. Popular sandy beaches can be found, for example, in Hammamet, Sousse or Monastir.

     Tunisia lies in the subtropical zone, and the hot, dry summer here lasts from May to October. The best months to visit are the end of June and the beginning of September and October.

     There is a dense network of public intercity transport - buses, trains, taxis called louages,... Ticket prices are low and reliability with the frequency of connections is surprisingly high. There are 30 airports in the country, the main ones in Tunis, Djerba, Monastir and Tabarka. The largest ports are Sfax, La Goulette, Sousse, Bizerte and Shira.


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