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Webcam Bruges - Market Square

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Bruges - Market Square

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     Take a look at the city of Brugge and its surroundings with an online webcam. Webcam view of the Market Square in the Belgian city of Brugge.

     The city of Brugges in the province of West Flanders is often called the "Venice of the North" thanks to the large network of canals formed by the River Reie. These canals connect Brugges with other cities (e.g. Ghent, Ostend, Zeebrugge).

     Due to the fact that the historical center of Brugge has not changed much over the past centuries and has preserved its medieval character and architecture, this center was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. As you stroll through the streets of Brugge, you can enjoy the magnificent Gothic and Renaissance buildings, such as the Grote Markt with its impressive Town Hall and Belfort.

Take a look at the cameras from the cities connected to Brugge by a large network of canals on the river Reie, so you know whether to rent a boat or go to the museum :-)

Brugges , OostendeIcarus surfclub , Zeebrugge

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