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5 webcams - Burgenland

     Map showing webcams in Burgenland - Austria. On the map you will find online cameras with information such as weather, traffic or individual views of cities and landscapes ....
      Are you planning a summer or winter holiday in Austria? Watch the cameras. Thanks to online shots, you can go to your dream vacation at the right time and in nice weather. Are you going to ski? Watch the snow conditions thanks to the cameras from the ski resorts - Kitzbühel, Dachstein West, Ski Amadé… and you will immediately know where to go. Enjoy the mountain landscape in summer and admire the unique panoramas of the Alps from the mountain ridges.
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     Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe, bordering a total with eight countries. The backbone of Austria is the Alps and the transport axis is Danube. Austria is a federal republic made up of nine federal states. The capital is Vienna. Vienna is one of the top metropolises in Europe that is worth a visit. It is a city of composers such as Johann Strauss, Beethoven or Schubert. Vienna is also known for its museums, architectural monuments and many cafes and restaurants offering the best of Austrian specialties. Among the sights we can mention for example Schönbrunn Palace, the most famous tourist attraction in Vienna, St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Prater, a park with more than 250 attractions, which adrenaline lovers can visit.
     Austria is a very mountainous country and the Alps with the highest mountain Grossglockner (3797 m) occupy about 60% of the total area. The second largest river in Europe - the Danube - flows through Austria. Other large rivers are the Inn, Salzach, Enns, Müra and Drava.
     Austria in summer, in winter, with family, with friends or individually, you will always be excited about a holiday in Austria. In no other country are ski sports, both top and recreational, as much related to the daily life of the inhabitants as in Austria. The ski season is extended by several ski areas on glaciers.
     Austria is not only a kingdom for winter holidays, but quickly became a popular destination even in summer. For cyclists, there are a large number of bike paths leading through mountain passes. Tourism is very important for Austria. It tries to offer tourists interesting and attractive options. For example, it is possible to buy summer experience cards that apply to cable cars, swimming pools, museums, castles, children's parks and the like. It offers an ideal holiday for families with children. The card is usually free for children under 15. For hiking, Austria has built a network of hiking trails that connect to the end stations of the cable cars and Alps are also accessible to the elderly or small children. In summer there is the possibility of swimming in crystal clear lakes, visiting spas or beautiful towns and castles. For children, it is a country with fairytale playgrounds and parks at almost every turn.
     In Austria, there are some of the longest waterfalls in Europe, the Krimml Falls. The waterfalls measure a total of 380 meters and are very popular with tourists. Near the town of Hallstatt it is possible to visit the Giant Ice Cave with beautiful frozen waterfalls.
     We must not forget the traditional Austrian cuisine, where the most famous specialties are probably Mozart's balls (chocolate candies) or Almdudler lemonade, traditionally made from alpine herbs. On holiday in Austria, it would be a mistake not to taste homemade Tyrolean cheeses. Of course, we must not forget the world-famous Schnitzel - Viennese veal steak.

Listing of webcams - Burgenland

Preview webcam image Güssing

Webcam Güssing

Look at with a webcam online on the city Güssing and the surrounding area. Webcam overlooking to the Castle Güssing.

Preview webcam image Neufeld an der Leith

Webcam Neufeld an der Leith

Look at with a webcam online on the city Neufeld an der Leitha and the surrounding area. Webcam shows a family beach at the lake Neufeld.

Preview webcam image Podersdorf Lake

Webcam Podersdorf Lake

Look at with a webcam online on the city Podersdorf am See and the surrounding area. The webcam offers several views of the beautiful Podersdorf See and itssurroundings

Preview webcam image Rechnitz

Webcam Rechnitz

Look at with a webcam online on the city Rechnitz and the surrounding area. Webcam view to the square in the village Rechnitz.

Preview webcam image Rust

Webcam Rust

Look at with a webcam online on the city Rust and the surrounding area. Webcam in the village of Rust. Direction southeast of the Lake Neusiedl.

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